Augmeted Reality AR (Know about AR)

 AR made digital information about physica world . We can do anything using of AR imagine u r checking a table before buy .Or getting directions in right front of u ,

AR allows to interect with the digital content that they see. They can be like manipulating elemants plyaing games and doing some great things about real world.

AR information updates in real time , It adjusts based on your movements and surroundings . This is very helpful for applications like navigtaing and  visualization for apllications.

AR has potential to revultionlize various fields from education and healthcare manufacturing and entertainment AR created immersive entertainment and provide new learning of experience.

    HARDWARE AR experience can be various device like smartfones , tablets ,glasses, sun glasses, AR glasses and headsets , These devices used camera , sensors , and other things to cjeck the position and environment of user ,

AR software makes digital content to interect with the real world . This envolve computer , 3d Modeling and graphics desinginig and other many things .

Combining AR with the (AI) can create the more powerful experience . AI can personalize more infromation and real time environment .

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